Pneumaticity offers wig consultation and fitting. We have over 80 wigs in stock so you can find the perfect style. A private room is available for those needing to remove their natural hair and accessories are on hand to ensure your comfort and wig care at home. Whether it’s for fun or medical reasons we have a wig for you!

Wigs come in synthetic fibers, human hair and heat friendly synthetic fibers. Technology has made synthetic fibers very realistic, easy to maintain and very affordable.

Hair toppers, clip in bangs and extensions are also available for thinning hair solutions. These pieces can also be customized to bend with existing hair.

  • Memory caps mold to the shape of the head in essence of “remembering” the shape of one’s head.
  • Mono parts are hand tied segments incorporated into some wigs to show a more realistic scalp where the part of the style is. Mono tops are a larger area that is hand tied for a realistic scalp look.
  • 100% hand tied are very lightweight, and offer the realistic scalp look all over the wig cap.
  • 100% hand tied human hair offer the ultimate realistic looking wig. The cost is also reflected in this type of wig!
  • Lace fronts offer a sheer, skin toned perimeter that can be massaged to blend with one’s skin at the hairline, offering styling options and a realistic look at that part of the head.


Our compassionate technicians are trained to customize the fit of your hair piece. We can enlarge a wig, make it smaller and cut the wig to suit your face shape. Some fibers can also have customized colour!

Don’t forget about wigs and hair pieces as fashion accessories! Add some style changes simply and easily with a fun wig or clip in hair accessory!

Happy Customers

Mel is wearing the Shadow root style described in the top left row.

Cheryl sports the wig shown in the bottom right row.

This wig has a mono part and lace hairline. It's available in average cap size with a variety of colour choices, adjustable straps and ear tabs for secure comfort. 

Precision and Experience

The experienced team at Pneumaticity, offer to you, exceptional services in a friendly artistic environment! We specialize in precision cutting, expert hair color techniques and sound product recommendations.

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